Tryp Leiria

Tryp Leiria


How to book directly with the hotel?

Reservations can be done through online booking engine. As an alternative contact us through e-mail ( or telephone: (+351 244 249 900).

How to cancel or change a reservation made through our website?

For cancelation or to change the reservation, guests can change directly on the website where you booked or by contacting directly through e-mail or telephone.

How to reserve a crib or extra bed?

Guests can contact the hotel to request it, send an e-mail or by putting on the reservation observations.

What is the best time to be in the hotel for summer vacation?

The hotel is located 20 km from the nearest beach and the best months to book beach vacations are june, july and august.

How should I guarantee a room with a single bed or a double bed?

The hotel guarantees a double bed. However, you can request it when you are booking.

How to do a group reservation?

To make group reservations, clients should an e-mail to the hotel. Later, that e-mail will be forwarded to the groups responsible.

How to guarantee a room in a higher floor?

The hotel does not guarantee rooms in a high floor. However, you can mention it on the reservation request. It will be taken in account while assigning rooms.

What are the advantages of booking directly through the hotel’s website?

While making the reservation through the hotel’s website you will benefit of the best available rate.

What is full board? And half board?

Half board includes accommodation, breakfast and dinner per day booked. Full board includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner per day booked.

If I book online can I make changes with the hotel over the phone?

Any changes should be made with the entity that you did your reservation with.

How can I access the current campaigns?

At our website,, you will find the current campaigns.

What are the cancellation policies?

It depends on the fare booked, whether it is cancellable or not.

What is the deadline for cancelling my reservation?

It depends on the rate booked, please refer to your booking information for more information.

What does non-cancelable mean?

Means that once the booking payment, which is necessary to validate the reservation, has already been done there is no right to a refund.

What does Refundable Rate mean?

It means that the reservation can be cancelled, free of charge, up to a few days before arrival. Check the rate to find out up to how many days before arrival you can cancel free of charge.

What does Non-Refundable Rate mean?

This means that the booking must be paid in full during the booking process and therefore there is no right to refund or amendment, even if it is cancelled.

How do I book an extra cot/bed? Is there an extra cost?

A crib for children up to 3 years is free. An extra bed has an extra cost of 15€ per day for for kids between 4 and 12 years old , and 30€ per day for people over 12 years old.

Can I book more than one room?


How can I make a reservation for events or meetings?

Contact the hotel and book directly with us, via e-mail (

Can I reserve a room on the same day?

Yes, as long as there is availability.

Can I change the hotel I booked?

If the booking conditions allow it, i.e. a cancellable rate, you can cancel and book at another hotel.

If I don’t show up at the hotel on the date of stay, without prior notice, will I be charged for the entire stay?

Depends on the reservation policy. If it is a refundable rate only the first night will be charged. If it is a non-refundable rate the total amount of the reservation will be charged.

Is it safe to make a reservation on the website?