Situated in the Central Region of Portugal, Leiria is a city of many attractions: its natural setting, its architectural and museum heritage, and a vast gastronomic tradition rich in strong ingredients – all of this comes together to make Leiria a fine destination to spend some time.


Between the mountain and the sea, the city charms and delights all its visitors. From its natural beauty and iconic buildings such as Leiria Castle, the Cathedral and the Sanctuary, there are many interesting things to discover in the Region. 



Places of Interest: Don’t miss Leiria Castle, don’t pass up on the chance to take a walk through the city, to experience the tranquillity of the Sanctuary at Fátima, the architectural wealth of the Batalha Monastery and the natural charm of the beaches of São Pedro de Moel. Leiria is a welcoming city, rich in heritage waiting to be discovered.


Areas of Commerce/Leisure: Leiria Shopping centre, Leiria Municipal Stadium.


Transport Networks: Railway Station, main Motorway and B-road entrances.